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Setting Goals: Why Not to Get Attached to the Outcome

Setting goals is important; however it’s who you become while taking action to achieve those goals that is way more important than the goal itself. 

Why? Sustainability of course. By setting goals and an action plan to follow through on those goals, you are effectively changing your mindset to be a more productive person. 

Research shows that an INCREDIBLE 90% of people say they do not achieve their goals or succeed in their resolutions. The 10% who are high achievers do it because of a successful mindset:

They understand their larger vision, or their “Why” for doing what they are doing.

They set SMART goals (specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, time-bound). They know how to track the results of these goals.

They set smaller action plans. They don’t plan out an entire year, because that is impossible to predict. They set a course for shorter time segments. This is also why they avoid the burnout.

It’s not enough to set goals because you want more money or you want to be thinner. Understanding your “Why” and transitioning your mindset to achieve the bigger vision is arguably most important. You want more money so that you can support your family’s living goals. You want to lose weight to feel more confident about yourself and have the energy to keep up with your kids 5 years from now. 

That is the point of being better at goal setting: to become the person you want to be and live a life you love.